Business Life Cycle

You’re always somewhere in the life cycle of a small business. Whether you’re just thinking of a business idea, launching a new business, going to the next level with an existing business, or thinking of selling your business, SBDC offers different options to help you in your journey.

In which stage of the life cycle is your business?

    Small business life cycle

    Know the business life cycle stages

    What should you focus on right now, to best ensure success?

    Select above to find the stage that matches your business.


    Think: Investigate the potential of your idea

    Investigate the potential of your idea

    • Clarify Your Idea
    • Is It Feasible?
    • Who’s Your Market?
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    Launch: Opening your business

    Open your business

    • Getting the Customer
    • Managing Your Business
    • Operations
    • Funding
    • Your Business Plan
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    Grow: Increasing your volume and profits

    Increase volume and profits

    • Plan to Grow
    • Your Operational Plan
    • Your Team
    • Increasing Your Market
    • Your Financial Plan
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    Reinvent: Adjusting to a changing business climate

    Adjust to a changing business climate

    • Market Share/Markets
    • Products/Services
    • Assets
    • Change is going to happen… plan for it
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    Exit: Preparing to sell, merge or close

    Prepare to sell, merge or close

    • Exiting Strategy Options
    • Naming Your Price
    • Selling Your Business
    • Professional Advisors
    • Transitioning Your Business
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