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Seward Yoga: Wellness Studio Comes to Downtown Seward

Downtown Seward’s new studio, Seward Yoga, offers a variety of public classes combining traditional yoga and pilates methods with a focus on mindful movement. Co-owners Carly Locke and Sarah Hermann have a dedicated team of instructors passionate about guiding members on their wellness journey, catering to different levels of interest, and fostering inclusivity and diversity within Seward’s small year-round community.

Carly and Sarah renovated the perfect downtown space, beautifully designed to create an oasis for both locals and summer visitors to the community. For those traveling to Seward for a kayak trip or hike, why not add a stop at Seward Yoga to your summer itinerary?

Seward Yoga offers the perfect balance to an outdoor-focused vacation, a place to unwind conveniently located on 4th Avenue downtown.

“Seward Yoga was born out of a collective desire for a space dedicated to yoga, pilates, and mindful movement in our community,” says Carly. Both Carly and her partner, Sarah, share careers in wellness – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy, respectively. “We realized the need for holistic wellness, so we embarked on creating Seward Yoga to provide a welcoming environment for individuals seeking physical and mental well-being through these disciplines.”

Carly and Sarah, although both well-versed in their own respective small businesses, came to Alaska SBDC to form their first multi-member LLC, run projections for their first joint venture, and secure funding for the perfect downtown studio space. “The Alaska SBDC and our Advisor, KellyAnn, provided invaluable support, helping us turn our vision for Seward Yoga into a reality.

From a simple idea on paper, KellyAnn guided us through the steps to create a financial model and secure funding, with a detailed checklist of everything we needed to efficiently start a small business – taking the headache out of organization and crunching numbers,” says Sarah.

After working with SBDC, Seward Yoga received financing for retrofitting the perfect curated space and opened its doors to the public in January 2024. Looking ahead, both Carly and Sarah are excited to expand classes and introduce new workshops and events that delve deeper into holistic wellness,  incorporating elements such as meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and nutrition. With a shared vision of self-betterment, Seward Yoga’s goal is to continue evolving and offering innovative ways for the Seward community to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually.

To book or gift a class at Seward Yoga with a schedule ranging from hatha, vinyasa, slow flow, pilates, and meditation, visit, connect on Instagram, or visit 223 4th Avenue in Seward.