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Flameless Cremation Services

Compassion in Every Goodbye: Eco-Friendly Pet Aftercare

In the heart of Anchorage, Alaska, a unique and compassionate enterprise has recently emerged, transforming the landscape of pet aftercare services. Flameless Cremation Services, founded by Rachel Bernhardt, a visionary with over a decade of experience in organ and tissue donation, offers a service deeply rooted in personal experience and the desire to provide meaningful end-of-life care.

The founder’s journey began with a profound personal realization during the losses of a beloved grandmother and a cherished soul dog, leading to a determination to enhance deathcare options for the community.

Flameless Cremation Services is distinguished not only by its exclusive offering of water cremation in Southcentral Alaska but also by its commitment to environmental sustainability and personalized service. Water cremation, a gentle and eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods, aligns with the founder’s vision of reducing the environmental impact of aftercare.

This innovative approach allows families to participate as much as they wish in the farewell process, ensuring each client’s unique and comforting experience.

Despite being a newcomer to the market, the business thrives on its ability to tailor services to the individual needs of families, recognizing that each loss and each farewell is distinct.

With plans for open houses and partnerships with local artists, mobile veterinarians, death doulas, and animal rescue groups, Flameless Cremation Services is poised to demystify death and aftercare, fostering a community that approaches these universal experiences with openness and understanding.

The Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) played a pivotal role in turning this noble vision into a tangible reality. The founder credits the SBDC and their Anchorage Center Director, Carlos Machuca, for their invaluable assistance, stating, “My SBDC advisor was instrumental in helping to translate my grand vision into a practical business plan with clear steps for implementation.”

Furthermore, the SBDC’s guidance in identifying a local funding source enabled Flameless Cremation Services to secure non-traditional financing, crucial for the startup’s unique business model.

Flameless Cremation Services is a true testament to the power of compassionate innovation and community-focused services. Even in its early days, its success story inspires entrepreneurs seeking to make a positive difference in their communities. With the support of the Alaska SBDC, Rachel has launched a promising business and introduced a new paradigm in pet aftercare, marked by empathy, environmental consciousness, and personalized service.

Flameless Cremation Services is at 5326 A St, Suite 3, in Anchorage. To learn more about water cremation or seek personalized and compassionate services for dogs, cats, ​and any other animal that once swam, slithered, or soared, connect with Rachel at