Alaska Small Business Development Center


"The good thing about having online courses is that we can attend the course regardless of the location of the presentation. I just love it. Thank you."

– Eliana McKee, Fairbanks

"Very professional and patient staff helped us navigate COVID financial assistance sources. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Alaska SBDC."

– Aegis Comics of Alaska, Wasilla

"The advisor I met with helped me considerably helpful with all of my questions. She walked me though what I was stuck on and made sure I had a handle on what I was doing before ending the meeting. She scheduled a follow up to check in and see if I needed further assistance. I am so grateful to the SBDC!"

– BJ's Services, Palmer

"This was an important step in the process of opening a small business in Ketchikan. I'd recommend to anyone who owns or plans to start a new business use the Alaska SBDC's vast knowledge base and professional staff."

– Ketchikan Ever Greens, Ketchikan

"Working with a business advisor, helped me open my thoughts up to being more successful. The tools they have, help build a better start for your company. Even when you start your company, Small Business Development Center is always there when you need them."

– Scent from Hope Elizabeth, Ketchikan

"The Small Business Development Center was excellent! They bent over backwards to help me understand what it takes to get a small company off the ground. I'd highly recommend them!"

– Sprucewood Services, Juneau

"The advisor helped find the gaps in my business plan and identify my target market. I'm confident of developing a marketing strategy that works in these challenging times."

– Southeast Devilsclub, Juneau

"[My advisor] is amazing ... her enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge have been a breath of fresh air at this critical and challenging time of beginning a new business."

– DK Anesthesia Services LLC, Fairbanks

"It is helpful to have services such Alaska SBDC to support small businesses. With increased competition and scarcity of resources, small businesses would not survive without Alaska SBDC. I am thankful to the organization and particularly to [my advisor] who provides support with passion, patience and knowledge."

– Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc., Fairbanks

"Professional, informed advisors, answering any questions I have for free? Perfection!"

– Bearded Northman Leather Co., Anchorage

"SBDC is very helpful and resourceful. Someone always returns messages in a timely manner. It's reassuring to know that there are reliable resources like the SBDC to discuss business details."

– Kitzbuhel Enterprises, Anchorage

"The Small Business Development Center is very helpful if you’re starting a business or have any questions that you may not know while formulating a business plan."

– Jedi Fuel Services, Chevak

"My SBDC business advisor was able to address all my questions and was a great support in helping me move my sole proprietorship to an LLC. I appreciate her time and support."

– Adams Analytical Systems, Nenana

"[My advisor] was extremely helpful and was able to give me information on what steps to take to ensure my business started up with minimal overhead, gave me marketing ideas, and local resources to help as needed. I will absolutely use my advisor again as my business progresses for helpful information and direction."

– Salt and Stone Massage Therapy, Kenai

"[My advisor] was exceptionally helpful and provided me with insightful recommendations and options that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you for providing people with a wonderful service especially during these challenging times."

– Perfect Edge, Kenai