Alaska Small Business Development Center

Custom Eye Lab

Visionaries Delivering Clear Solutions Charles Vojta and Robert Wiktorowicz saw a glaring issue in Alaska’s optical industry: prolonged wait times and heightened expenses stemming from out-of-state transactions. Desiring to revolutionize this domain, the duo established Custom Eye Lab to enhance the lens delivery service and keep business within Alaska’s borders. The founders, having substantial experience […]

Alaska Row Tours

Guided Tours Through the Pristine Waters of Alaska My role as an Alaska SBDC Business Advisor is exciting and intriguing. We never know who will walk through our doors looking for assistance with starting their businesses. One year ago, October 2022 – Steve Full, walked through our Anchorage Center doors and I drew the lucky […]

The Frozen Flamingo Market

Warm Hearts, Cool Crafts: Where Alaska’s Artisans Thrive Alaska is known for a lot of things, such as breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife, and the Midnight Sun.  But Alaska also has a very rich and diverse culture of crafters – those individuals that can turn any item into a work of art. Alaska is also known […]

Kenai Freight Forwarders, LLC

Kenai Freight Forwarders was born out of sheer necessity.  Operating their children’s store, Little Alaskan, Mike and Shelby Oden grappled with shipping hurdles, as more and more sellers in the Lower 48 began to stop shipping to Alaska.  When their primary shipping service ceased operations, the Odens decided to take matters into their own hands, […]

Melino’s Marine Services

Navigating Success in Alaska’s Waters Juneau’s icy fjords have witnessed the determination and passion of Captain John Melino for over a decade. From navigating the carved pathways of glaciers to responding to Mayday calls, Melino’s journey isn’t just about steering boats; it’s about crafting a legacy in Southeast Alaska. In 2007, Captain Melino set foot […]

Tutka Tours, LLC

Embarking on a Coastal Odyssey: The Inspiring Journey of Tutka Tours In the world of Homer, Alaska’s coastal wonders, Tutka Tours, LLC stands as a beacon of discovery and education, offering travelers an opportunity to delve deep into the mysteries of the ocean and its vibrant history. Founded in January 2023 and setting sail in […]

Tinker Time, LLC

Tinker Time Alaska

A STEM-Based Indoor Open Play Discovery Center Space, in the Heart of Palmer Kayla Gillum visited various children’s museums in the Lower-48 and searched for the same in Alaska. When she realized there weren’t any that she was envisioning, she was inspired to offer this idea to the community through a Science, Technology, Engineering, and […]


Tippecanoe, photo by Cook Inlet

Making the Outdoor Alaskan Experience more accessible to everyone, with everything you need for the perfect paddlesports adventure! Nestled within the magnificent Nancy Lake State Park in Willow, Alaska, Tippecanoe has been a thriving business for more than three decades. Throughout its rich history, this beloved establishment has empowered numerous individuals to immerse themselves in […]

Refuge CrossFit

Refuge CrossFit, photo by Cook Inlet

More Than Just Another Gym   Refuge CrossFit has been a successful Palmer group fitness business since 2018 that has strived to draw a positive fitness community, “We know that better people, by default, make better athletes”. In early 2023, Cory and Emily Hubbard heard that the founders and owners of Refuge CrossFit were moving […]

Twilight Cafe

Twilight Cafe

Experience the Fusion of Asian BBQ and Specialty Coffee in Juneau In 2009, Catherine Hill-Cristobal brought a piece of her homeland to Juneau with the opening of Twilight Cafe. Drawing inspiration from her childhood days working alongside family members in her parents’ wood-carving business in the Philippines, Catherine had a vision of fostering a joyful […]

Desire Wellness

Desire Wellness

Bridging Health Gaps and Igniting Wellness Innovation in Alaska and Beyond The Desire Wellness story is one of innovation, resilience, and a profound commitment to revolutionizing healthcare access in Alaska and beyond. Founded by Dr. Marty Sanchez in 2020, Desire Wellness arose from a recognition of the alarming healthcare disparities in Alaska, with many residents […]

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Crafting a Flavorful Turkish Legacy in Alaska Once upon a time in Alaska, Zeynep Kilic, a passionate Professor of Sociology with expertise in Food Studies and Cultural Sociology, felt a deep yearning for something more creative, immediate, and tactile. After spending years in academia, the desire to embark on a new venture grew stronger within […]

Red Eye Rides

Red Eye Rides

Seward Entrepreneurs Burning the Midnight Oil In April 2022, Angel picked Natalie up at the Anchorage airport, late at night, and gave her a ride back home to Seward. It was on this ride that they decided to launch a new airport shuttle business – Red Eye Rides, LLC. Since then, this pair has been […]

Alaska Sewing Machine Repair

Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman with a Sewing Machine When Kate Kamrath Sprout first entered the Anchorage SBDC in early October 2022, seeking assistance with her start-up idea, Kate knew she had stumbled upon an incredible business concept. Only a couple months prior, during a random conversation with her brother where he described […]

Full Moon Fertility and Reproduction

Full Moon Fertility

Your Path to Parenthood Starts Here Rhianne Christopherson APRN, FNP-C found her true calling as a fertility specialist. Her passion for helping couples who are struggling with infertility has been the driving force behind her successful career. With over 15 years of practice under her belt, Rhianne’s unique approach to healthcare has paved the way […]

The Dirty Apron

The Dirty Apron

Bringing the Glow to Every Gathering When Amy and Geary York reached out to the Alaska SBDC they were well on their way to creating something new and exciting for the Anchorage community. Paired with an SBDC advisor, Amy and Geary worked to develop their business plans and financial projections to assist them in turning […]

Shearwater Cove

Shearwater Cove

Shearwater Cove Growing Business in Alaska’s Premier Wilderness Shearwater Cove stands out as a lodging getaway due to its magical location on the east side of Resurrection Bay and because it was hand-built from the ground up. Jason Wilson and Charity Lehman built Shearwater Cove with the dream of providing a high quality, remote glamping […]

Hearthside Books

New Owner, New Chapter Hearthside Books has been serving the Juneau community for 48 years. Originally opened in 1975, this local bookstore has evolved into two locations in the Nugget Mall and downtown in the Merchant’s Wharf. As a longstanding independent bookseller, their locations offer books, toys, gifts, and host community events, including ongoing events […]

Kayak Adventures Worldwide, LLC

Changing the World, One Kayak Trip at a Time As outdoor educators, Trent and Hannah of Kayak Adventures have facilitated meaningful and positive outdoor experiences in Seward, Alaska over the past 10 years. Both of them landed in Seward after living fairly nomadic lives, bought, grew, and revived their business through the COVID-19 pandemic, and […]

Fireweed Veterinary Services, LLC

Passionately Dedicated to Supporting Pets and Their Families Dr. Amanda Grimes is a 2020 graduate of Colorado State University where she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After 2 years of working in general practice, she was inspired by the human-animal bond so clearly evident during end-of-life care.  In early 2022, Dr. Grimes reached […]