Alaska Small Business Development Center

Quad Shot

Brewing Success in Valdez, Alaska

In the heart of Valdez, Alaska, Quad Shot, a family-owned drive-through coffee hut, has become a beloved local establishment. Founded by Lucy, Olivia, Charles, and Sonya Selanoff, Quad Shot was born from the family’s love for coffee and extensive business experience. The Selanoffs noticed a gap in the market for family-friendly coffee spots and decided to fill it with their unique touch.

Quad Shot distinguishes itself with its wide range of hot and cold beverages, healthy drink and food options, a kid’s menu, and breakfast items to start the day off right. As the first stop for early morning workers and a popular destination for staff and students before school, Quad Shot captures a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

“We’ve got the coffee shop hustle down, opening early and closing late, to make sure we’re here for everyone,” says Sonya Selanoff. “Whether you’re off to work before dawn or needing that late afternoon pick-me-up.”

Quad Shot opened its doors on September 24, 2023, with the support of the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The Selanoff family sought assistance from the SBDC to navigate the complexities of starting a business and applying for a grant. The SBDC’s expertise in creating a business plan and financial projections was crucial in securing the grant that brought Quad Shot to life.

“Shoutout to the folks at Alaska SBDC and Rural Business Advisor Ruth Wolfe for their amazing support. Their advice and guidance have been like a compass for us, helping us navigate the world of small business ownership. The Alaska SBDC was like the secret ingredient in our recipe for success, offering just the right advice to help us grow,” shares Sonya Selanoff.

But the story doesn’t end there. Quad Shot is buzzing with exciting plans for the future. The team is working on creating a cozy outdoor space for relaxation, partnering with local food trucks to offer diverse culinary delights, and hosting community events to bring people together. With their passion and dedication, the Selanoff family is brewing more than just coffee – they’re brewing a brighter future for Valdez.

Visit Quad Shot at 222 Hazelet Avenue in Valdez, and connect on Facebook and Instagram!