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In 2022, Dr. Beryl Castillo embarked on the unique experience of becoming a business owner by creating a resume and professional writing business, First Impressions BC, LLC, a one-stop shop for resume writing, interview preparation, and career counseling serving the Fairbanks area. Despite holding a doctorate in Business Administration, Beryl initially felt overwhelmed with the complexities of establishing a business entity and financial projections.


Beryl Castillo

Upon learning about the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) and its comprehensive support for small business owners, Beryl reached out and was immediately connected with Fairbanks Business Advisor Jade Greene. Beryl says, “From our initial interaction, it was evident that Jade is a remarkable subject matter expert. She provided invaluable assistance in helping me establish the foundation for the future success of the business, offering clear insights into financial projections, and crafting a sustainable business plan and marketing strategy.”

Beryl also emphasizes that her advisor played a pivotal role in shaping her business identity, enabling her to incorporate her voice into the business and helping her to blend in effortlessly with her cultural and core values.  She has been able to tailor her services not only to support the bilingual community, but anyone who needs professional writing support. In addition to Alaska, she has helped customers in Washington state, Utah, and Florida. Her services covered everything from translating resumes to helping military spouses establish a support network. Her business recently turned a year, and she is happy her reach has allowed her to support people outside of Alaska’s state boundaries.

Jade’s contributions, she explains, have been pivotal not only to the success of her business but also to the nurturing and development of her entrepreneurial mindset as Jade helped turn this vision into a reality and sustain its ongoing profitability. Beryl affirms, “While I may possess the education and capacity to understand processes, I lacked the know-how and specialized experience required for establishing and running a business. Jade’s expertise has been instrumental in overcoming these limitations, instilling the confidence I needed to get started while continually enhancing my entrepreneurial mindset.” As a result, Beryl is increasing her community support. She is volunteering with the Alaska Literacy Council and will begin offering tutoring lessons to English learners in 2024.

Beryl reflects, “I was naturally driven but unsure if I could establish and run a business. Now, as I embark on my second business adventure, I am grateful for Jade’s support. Now, I have clearly defined my goals as a small business owner and transformed my business idea into a reality”. She concludes, “I am eager to see where this experience leads me. I cannot emphasize enough the significance of Jade’s contributions and the support and resources provided by Alaska SBDC for entrepreneurs like me, which have been and continue to be instrumental in this process.”

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