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Custom Eye Lab

Visionaries Delivering Clear Solutions

Charles Vojta and Robert Wiktorowicz saw a glaring issue in Alaska’s optical industry: prolonged wait times and heightened expenses stemming from out-of-state transactions. Desiring to revolutionize this domain, the duo established Custom Eye Lab to enhance the lens delivery service and keep business within Alaska’s borders.

The founders, having substantial experience in the eyecare field, were motivated by the prolonged waiting periods for acquiring new glasses, a frustration shared by many Alaskans. They envisioned a local solution that would trim down delivery times, diminish costs, and elevate the autonomy of independent and private practitioners.

Custom Eye Lab stands out as the pioneer in Alaska to produce the first digital freeform progressive lens with anti-reflective coating. Their cutting-edge technology mirrors the standards used in the automotive and aerospace industries, ensuring the production of premium lenses at a much faster rate compared to larger laboratories. Positioned in Anchorage, their “hometown approach” will enable them a swift and quality service delivery, reshaping the eyecare culture in Alaska.

The lab’s state-of-the-art lens surfacing and coating technology significantly cut down the production time, offering same and next-day services to various optical and eyecare establishments throughout Alaska. Their continued commitment and investment in technology have steadfastly supported local practices, providing superior services to all clients.

Custom Eye Lab is not stopping here. They are intent on solidifying their partnerships with optical and eyecare practices across the state.

The founders plan to introduce more innovative technological solutions, aiming to establish Custom Eye Lab as Alaska’s premier lens provider. Their focus remains on nurturing local economies by retaining optical businesses within the state.

The pivotal support came from the Alaska SBDC and their Center Director, Carlos Machuca. “Carlos loved our idea for the business we were launching, he was phenomenal in helping with the lending process and then in connecting us with an exceptional lending team, propelling us over the final financial barriers. Carlos has been an asset with all things financing and we would recommend him to anyone looking for financing options. He has showcased unwavering confidence in Custom Eye Lab’s mission and methods, he has always supported our journey to revolutionize the eye care industry in Alaska.”

The assistance from the Alaska SBDC has not just been a beacon of support for Charles and Robert, but a driving force enabling them to bring their vision to life, making a notable impact on the eyecare industry in Alaska.

Their journey from identifying a prevalent issue to pioneering a local solution underscores the transformative power of dedication, innovation, and robust support networks. Today, Custom Eye Lab is not just a business; it’s a movement, changing the landscape of eye care in Alaska, one lens at a time.

Custom Eye Lab is located at 7821 King St #3 in Anchorage, AK. Contact the lab for a list of participating optical. If you are interested in learning more or making an appointment, check out their website at