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Kenai Adventure Cabins

Your Gateway to Alaskan Bliss

When the owners of Kenai Adventure Cabins first envisioned a unique lodging experience on the Kenai Peninsula, they knew they were embarking on an exciting journey. The goal was to offer visitors comfortable private cabins and a social gathering spot, Base Camp, as a hub for accessing some of the best fishing in the world, as well as the stunning natural beauty and adventure opportunities of the region. Mike Jones and Lori Fagan worked closely with Alaska SBDC advisor Cliff Cochran to bring the vision into reality.

Starting a new business can be risky, especially when it involves investment.  Recognizing the potential of Kenai Adventure Cabins, Cochran worked closely with Jones and Fagan to establish a business plan.

With Cliff’s help, the owners developed a financial strategy and secured a commercial loan while ensuring the business would remain sustainable and profitable in the long term.

On their experience working with the Alaska SBDC, Mike said, “We couldn’t have done it without Cliff and the SBDC.  His guidance and expertise were crucial in securing the loan and setting up our business for success.  We are now proud to welcome guests from all over the world to experience the beauty and adventure of the Kenai Peninsula.”

Today, Kenai Adventure Cabins is thriving, offering guests a unique and immersive experience in one of Alaska’s most stunning regions.  Visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor activities nearby, from fishing and hiking to wildlife viewing and kayaking, all while staying in comfortable and well-equipped cabins.

Guests have the option to choose from 2-bedroom/1-2 bath cabins with kitchen and washer/dryer in each unit, sleeping up to six, or bunk cabins, sleeping up to four, with use of Base Camp.  Base Camp is a 1,600-square-foot facility featuring shared social, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom facilities, all included in the booking price.  Several of the units are dog-friendly, which is not common for this level of accommodation on the Kenai.

Reflecting on his work with Jones and Fagan, Cliff shared, “Working with brilliant and motivated entrepreneurs like Mike and Lori has been an absolute pleasure.  Their vision, drive, and innovative spirit have made our collaboration not only productive but truly inspiring.  It’s been a rewarding experience to support and witness their journey towards success.”

Kenai Adventure Cabins stands as a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit turning dreams into reality.  With the help of the Alaska SBDC, the owners of Kenai Adventure Cabins have created a world-class retreat that enriches the local economy and offers unforgettable experiences to its guests.

A recent guest posted a glowing review, saying, “An amazing experience, my husband and I were only here a couple of days, but we want to stay forever!  The amenities are so thoughtful, and the Base Camp had everything you needed to feel at home.  I would 100% stay here again!”

If you are interested in learning more about Kenai Adventure Cabins, including booking a stay, check out their website at or call (907) 252-6767.