Alaska Small Business Development Center

Highlighting Steller Botanical Health

June 3, 2021

In Gustavus, Alaska you can get farm-fresh cabbage, local fermented and aged berries, apple cider vinegar, a custom herbal formula tailored to your specific body and ailment, and bodywork therapy all in one place! Small towns often require individuals to wear many hats, and Gustavus is an amazing example of such, as it offers an eclectic array of talented community members who inspire each other.

Owners of Steller Botanical Health, Jen and Larry Landry are passionate about local foods, food security issues across Alaska, and specifically for Jen, enthusiasm about the sustainable use of medicinal herbs for natural health.

Through it all, Jen worked with Rural Center Director, Jennifer Adams with the Alaska SBDC on accessing pandemic relief funding, understanding the ins and outs of LLCs, and working on the businesses’ financials. Read about this amazing entrepreneurial story in Gustavus, AK here!

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