Room to Roam: The Roaming Root Feeds Fairbanks

Earlier this year, Erica Moeller celebrated the opening weekend of her rolling market, The Roaming Root: a made-in-Alaska-goods-and-Alaska-grown-produce-packed 1976 bus. Just two weekends later, the COVID-19 murmur became a pandemic, forcing Moeller to evaluate the next right thing for her business and community. Like so many business owners across the state, she grappled with the … Continue reading "Room to Roam: The Roaming Root Feeds Fairbanks" More

Salmon Sisters Keep Their Sea Legs Amid Pandemic Swells

Over the years, you’ve likely heard about sisters and fishermen Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton and their family’s passion for the sea. Salmon Sisters is committed to sustainable fishing practices and ethical, intentional partnerships. They donate one percent of profits to the Food Bank of Alaska and partner with organizations working to protect marine … Continue reading "Salmon Sisters Keep Their Sea Legs Amid Pandemic Swells" More

Highlighting Sea Fur Sewing

Alaska Native-owned operated, and focused on social, environmental, and economic sustainability, Sea Fur Sewing hunts in areas that will not be negatively impacted due to overpopulation of sea otters. By focusing hunting efforts on Kake, the shellfish population is able to repopulate after sea otters have overeaten, which in turn allows people to once again … Continue reading "Highlighting Sea Fur Sewing" More

Highlighting: Wall Tent Woodworks

Brie Van Dam and Stefan Milkowski are a husband and wife team that have merged their professional experiences with science and building respectively and coupled it with their love of the outdoors. They are committed to finding sustainable ways to meet shelter and energy needs. Considering the full-cycle impact of what they build, Wall Tent … Continue reading "Highlighting: Wall Tent Woodworks" More

Highlighting: Aspire Business Solutions

Inspired to serve small and medium-sized businesses and health care providers in Alaska, Aspire Business Solutions, LLC is locally owned and operated by Deborah Nyquist, Winnie Wong, and Micha Savage.   With more than 50 years of combined experience, they work to develop and maximize reimbursements, build their identity, and improve quality and service with … Continue reading "Highlighting: Aspire Business Solutions" More

Highlighting: North Iron Engineering

North Iron Engineering is proud to announce the opening of Alaska’s only commercial metallurgical engineering test laboratory. Metallurgical analysis can be applied to welding engineering, corrosion engineering, metals forming, casting and root cause failure analysis. If it can be heated, beaten, folded, welded, corroded, or fractured North Iron Engineering can help.  Read about the story … Continue reading "Highlighting: North Iron Engineering" More