Highlighting Steller Botanical Health

In Gustavus, Alaska you can get farm-fresh cabbage, local fermented and aged berries, apple cider vinegar, a custom herbal formula tailored to your specific body and ailment, and bodywork therapy all in one place! Small towns often require individuals to wear many hats, and Gustavus is an amazing example of such, as it offers an … Continue reading "Highlighting Steller Botanical Health" More

Highlighting Twisted Root Market

Opening in 2018 as a specialty marketplace for difficult-to-find food and goods, Twisted Root Market owner and founder, Sierra Roland, centered the store on her experience as a health coach and nutritionist. With the goal of providing Wrangell with exceptional variety, quality, and service, Twisted Root Market has lived up to its motto: Community. Sustainability. … Continue reading "Highlighting Twisted Root Market" More

Highlighting Surreel Saltwaters

Surreel Saltwaters: For All Your Halibut and Salmon Adventures Hope and Charlie Upicksoun and their daughter Avilu (their 10-year-old exuberant little captain) are experienced Alaskan Native deep-sea fishing guides out of Valdez. Avilu is a seasoned 3rd-year deckhand and motor operator when needed. Together, they specialize in small-group fishing for halibut, most salmon, and rockfish. Offering fun and memorable sightseeing … Continue reading "Highlighting Surreel Saltwaters" More

Highlighting Three Wolves Den in Hoonah

The impact of the coronavirus has been felt on every level across the state this year. Coupled with facing business development challenges due to the rurality of the community of Hoonah located on Chichagof Island, Jacqueline, “Jackie” Dick remained committed to seeing her business dreams through. Despite every obstacle that stood in her way, Dick … Continue reading "Highlighting Three Wolves Den in Hoonah" More

SubZero Heats Up

Perhaps it makes sense that a North Slope worker might have some thoughts about freeze drying. That was certainly the case for Monica Peck. When she’s home in Palmer instead of expediting up north, she and her big, outdoorsy family spend lots of time camping, hunting, and fishing. Seven years ago they started making freeze-dried … Continue reading "SubZero Heats Up" More