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The Lemon Season is Here! Lemonade Day Alaska is on Saturday, June 26!

June 9, 2021

The Lemon Season is Here! Lemonade Day Alaska is on Saturday, June 26!

How do you introduce Alaska’s future generation to the thrill of entrepreneurship, the importance of financial management, and the excitement of running a business? By teaching them how to start and run their own small business – a lemonade stand! Lemonade Day Alaska helps make this possible by:

  • Providing hands-on opportunities to build a business plan, marketing, and branding skills
  • Connecting with their community, exploring creativity, and practicing customer service 
  • Spending some of their hard-earned income on themselves, saving some by opening or adding to bank accounts, and contributing to a social cause in their community

The Alaska SBDC has enjoyed running Lemonade Day Alaska for 4 years and it is inspiring to witness Alaskan children build their skills and confidence throughout the lessons and experience of running their lemonade stands,” noted Harley Tennant, Lemonade Day Alaska Manager about the 11th year of the statewide program. “With the support of mentors, community leaders, and generous stewards, Lemonade Day provides essential life skills that prepare Alaska’s kids to be successful in whatever they dream of doing, and it is a privilege to be a part of.”

More than 70 communities supported Alaska’s youngest entrepreneurs who achieved some impressive metrics during the 2019 season alone:

  • Alaskan participants averaged $210 in revenue and $155 in profit per stand
  • Lemonade Day entrepreneurs generated $480,750 in revenue, $304,255 in profit
  • Lemonade Day Alaska entrepreneurs reported donating $125,480 to charities in 2019

Now is the time to register kid-entrepreneurs and pick up Lemonade Day materials to prepare for an amazing statewide event. Some participating communities may flex the date to accommodate local COVID-19 conscious practices. 

With over 72% of past entrepreneurs expected to return for the 2021 season, Lemonade Day Alaska participants and their families will enjoy:

Learn more about Lemonade Day Alaska in the brief YouTube overview, Stirring up Success with Lemonade Day Alaska, connect with Lemonade Day on Facebook and Instagram, and share the experience through #LemonadeDayAlaska. 

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