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Connecting Alaskan Veteran Small Business

Have an idea for starting your own business? Ready to take your existing business to the next level? The SBA, the Alaska SBDC, Alaska PTAC, and VBOC have put together various business development webinars that

Unlocking Your Small Business Freedom: A Four-Part Series

Considering Purchasing an Existing Business?

  “Due Diligence”……the most critical period during a business purchase is also the perfect time to call the Alaska Small Business Development Center. When entering the phase of due diligence, a business owner turns over

Are you ready to purchase a business?

Begin by surrounding yourself with team members who are there to protect your best interests. The team of advisors at the Alaska Small Business Development Center will: Provide an in-depth historical financial analysis of the

The Great Reveal: How Benchmarking can Help You Manage Your Business

Benchmarking is the process of evaluating or checking (something) by comparison with a standard. As a business owner there are many items that you could consider benchmarking but if you know and can focus on

The Top 10 Financial Ratios for Business Owners

Financial ratios are important, but often overlooked by small business owners.  When accurate figures are applied, these calculations are useful to determine a firm’s performance and financial situation.  Comparing financial ratios with industry benchmarks can

What Gilmore Girls taught me about Small Business

Like many other women my age, I grew up spending Thursday nights with the Gilmore Girls and Friday morning bus rides discussing the episodes with my friends. This was before live tweeting- or Twitter for

Taxes for Commission-Based Workers

Join the Cooperative Extention, SCORE Alaska and SBDC for a workshop on taxes for commission based workers. Learn how to plan for, report and pay your taxes if you don’t have a consistent salary. Register

Are You Forgetting Something? End of Year Tips and To Dos

By the end of November many seasonal, non retail, Alaska businesses slow down and the business owners have time to work on their businesses.  This late November or early December window of opportunity is the

You may be liable for credit card fraud at your point of sale

As of October 1, 2015, liability for credit card fraud at merchant points of sale (POS) in the US has shifted. Prior to that date, banks and financial institutions that issued the credit card used

A Little Understanding Goes a Long Way

Suppose for a moment you’re moving to a foreign country to earn a living. You’re passionately excited about your new venture, willing to give up your current life style, drag your family along for the

Basic Building Blocks of Starting A Business

For many people, the dream of owning their own business seems impossible. For some, it’s a financial matter. Some may find the planning stages too daunting. And, some simply have no idea where to begin.

Investment Terms Workshop

Following the well-attended Angel Capital Research Institute workshop last year, AEDC, SBA and APU will hold a workshop focused on term sheets with a focus on various options that will support venture capital fund

Grow to Greatness

Ed Hess is returning to Anchorage for his Grow to Greatness workshop on July 28th. The Workshop will run from 12:00 pm till 4:30 pm with an optional Q&A session and book signing from 4:30-5:30

Business Planning – The Roadmap To Success

Business planning is about creating results. Whether you are researching the feasibility of a business concept, approaching a bank for a business loan or trying to attract investors, a business plan provides the roadmap for

5 Small Business Financial Mistakes to Avoid

  When starting a business, there are a number of factors that can damage success. Whether it’s a lack of planning or not implementing a marketing strategy, there are key factors that can hurt your

Are you ready to file your business income tax return?

The year ended 2014 tax season began January 22nd 2015. Every year businesses are required to file an income tax return. In the US, the federal income tax is due as it is earned during

Crowdfunding Webinar Scheduled for Tomorrow!

Looking to fund a new business, a new product, or an amazing idea? Crowdfunding just might be your golden ticket! A 5.1 billion dollar industry in 2013, and projected to top 10 billion in 2014,

Free Tax Information using Bidawiz

When Vice President Al Gore said in 1996 that the information super highway would be something that would change our lives and the way we conduct business he was right. We are now, each and

Small Business Tax Tip

If your business has employees, make sure you have them fill out a new W-4 every year. This helps you make sure that your payroll withholding is in order. For more information on how your