Highlighting Jellyfish Donuts

Jellyfish Donuts are sure to delight 

The building between Schoenbar Dr. and Bauer Way on Water Street in Ketchikan is eye-catching with its vibrant blue paint and bright white trim. Recently remade into an inviting gourmet donut for locals and tourists alike to enjoy, Jellyfish Donuts is serving an inspired menu of traditional and creative donut creations.

With a lifelong passion for creating delicious meals and treats, owner Brianna Krantz always dreamed of starting her own business. While waiting in line for a box of birthday donuts one day, she realized she was ready to put in the work and time to make that dream come true. With her love of food, color, flavor, and people, she took a leap of faith, her cooking skills, and creativity to craft Jellyfish Donuts. Read on