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Always Be Swooping: Wear Boldly & Drink Wisely

Bras, bitters, and bodysuits; at first an unlikely trio, but in actuality, a flawless combination. Always Be Swooping is committed to creating unique, small-batch, and Alaskan items in an effort to make their dream of turning a “craft” into a “product” from Chugiak, AK.

When we asked owner Virginia Peterson what inspired her to start her small business she shared, “There is nobody out there like us. The bra industry has come a long way, but there is still room to make a product that makes women feel sexy, yet fun and have comfort doing it.” Adding, “Our bitters are forged locally and we like to think it provides a little Alaska love to any creation.” From unique and comfortable bras and bodysuits to delightful bitters that complement just about any cocktail recipe out there, the alliteration and combination were too good to resist, and Always Be Swooping was crafted from genuine passion and talent for their craft.

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