Alaska Small Business Development Center

Blue & Gold Boardshop

Jason Borgstede opened Blue & Gold Boardshop to provide Alaskan boarders a place to gather as a community and find the specific gear they need for their craft. And who better to do it? Borgstede is an Alaskan professional snowboarder and X-Games Gold Medalist with a passion for creating a vibrant community that encourages promising skateboarders and snowboarders to excel. As he worked to build the business from the ground up, Borgstede focused on every detail, making it truly unique. From a checkout counter made from donated skateboards, pallet wood tables, and a shoe fitting area complete with a repurposed chairlift and entertainment center, Blue & Gold is a boarder’s paradise.Jason Borgstede of Blue and Gold Boards in Anchorage, Alaska.

Before opening his doors, Borgstede reached out to Lynn Klassert at the Alaska Small Business Development Center and attended the Profit Mastery course so he could better understand the financial side of running a  business. Starting a business can be daunting and Klassert was able to provide advice from his years as a business owner that helped Borgstede navigate the new terrain.

“Lynn and the SBDC helped me become aware of the details that surround the dream,” said Borgstede. “The SBDC provides fresh eyes and another perspective that’s backed with experience”.

Blue & Gold not only sells top quality gear but is a place for the boarding community to come together. Check out the space via their Cribs-style video or visit them in person at 11124 Old Seward Highway. You can even purchase gear online at their website or keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.