Legal Aspects: Buying & Selling a Business

...will typically get financing to pay the purchase price. The buyer will need to pay himself or herself a salary and have enough left over from the profit to make monthly payments on the loan. Whatever loan those monthly loan payments can support is the most a buyer can pay for the business. That real... More

Choosing A NAICS code

...the Alaska SDBC’s offerings, and to get registered for our free Starting A Business Class, take a look at our website     Written by Anchorage Business Advisor Allan Carraway... More

Is your goal to buy or sell a business?

...eller. This allows the seller to turn over to the buyers all financial documents in a confidential manner Obtain 3-5 years of financials from the seller This might include business tax returns and the ending balance sheet for each year, Profit & Loss Statement (P&L), Cash Flow Statement and a copy of... More

Sea Fur Sewing

...ices as an independent contractor and provide fur – hand and machine – sewing classes through the SeaAlaska Heritage Foundation. With community and people at the heart of Sea Fur Sewing, Robert has donated fur hats to Elks Lodge, Alaska Waterfowl Association, Sitka Veteran’s Association, and Fallen O... More

How to Get Your Invention Funded Alaskan companies. Phase 0 grants of up to $5000 will be available to assist with application development. For more information on TREND please visit For more information on the SBIR/STTR program please visit   Written by Mark Malagodi, AKSBDC Anchorage Business... More

Free Tax Information using Bidawiz

...he $40,000 fair market value and the $20,000 sale price to your son. You have a taxable gain on the transfer of $10,000 ($20,000 sale price minus $10,000 adjusted basis) that must be reported as ordinary income from depreciation. You report $10,000 of your $30,000 depreciation as ordinary income on t... More