Alaska Small Business Development Center

Developing a Marketing/Sales Strategy (SBIR)

This class was originally developed to support SBIR Phase 0 applicants but it is not specific to those clients; the information is applicable to all businesses.

Your marketing strategy frames the big picture.  This 50-minute recorded webinar will explain:

  • building a marketing strategy
  • the marketscape or market conditions
  • competition
  • value proposition
  • how to build credibility
  • web presence
  • measuring success
  • sales process
  • sales funnel
  • sales model
  • sales channel – Direct/Indirect
  • measuring sales results

And hang on for the Q&A at the end for some interesting questions that were asked during the recording of the class.

Presented by: Ed Kase – Senior Consultant, Foresight Science & Technology

The link above will take you to our client portal, where you will be able to register for access to this training video.