Financial Model Worksheets

These spreadsheets walk you through the process of developing an integrated set of financial projections. Whether you’re starting your business and want to know if it ‘pencils out’, or applying for a loan to grow your business and want to impress investors or a financial institution, this linked set of financial projections will help you communicate your idea in an accurate, easy-to-use format.

Select the format that works best for you:

The Basic Financial Model worksheet is suitable for existing businesses and startups that do not require as elaborate a financial model to help crunch the numbers: Financial Model (Basic)

The Advanced Financial Model worksheet is for use with Microsoft Excel only and is suitable for more detailed financial modeling, including amortizing loans; calculating depreciation; providing a number of products; wage ranges; etc.: Financial Model (Advanced)

The Compatible Financial Model provides the same content as the advanced version above but is compatible with Mac, Google Sheets, and 64-bit display preferences: Financial Model (Compatible)

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