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Waterworks Spas and Saunas

Just in time for the winter:
Waterworks Spas and Saunas

For over 40 years, Waterworks Spas and Saunas has served Alaska as the oldest hot tub company in the state offering energy efficient and quality spa products to happy and relaxed customers.

Today, this tradition continues under the watchful eye of its second-generation owner, Kali Tucker. To run this family business successfully, Kali works with the Small Business Development Center in Mat-Su to ensure operations and service run smoothly and uphold the integrity and professionalism that the company was built on.

“As a mom and a small business owner with 15 employees finding focus and perspective can be a challenge. I reached out to the SBDC looking for a coach, someone I could bounce ideas off of, someone who could help me stay on track with company goals and really dig into the nitty-gritty of the financial details. Mrs. Nolen has been all this and more. As a mentor she’s guided me through tough financial decisions, gently giving advice when I’ve needed it the most. Her ability to help me clear out the mile-long to-do lists and focus on the core elements of successful business operation has allowed me to turn a profit in areas where I was previously failing. I covet my time with her and consider her my secret weapon to my business’ success.”

Of the journey, her business advisor, Julie Nolen, shared, “Kali and I try to get together at least quarterly for a healthy-business check-up. Over the past few years, we have dug deep into the business financials and used ratio scorecards to help identify areas for improvement. As a result, the company is now operating more effectively and with greater profitability. Working with Kali over the past several years has been a joy. She is a very savvy businesswoman.I admire her ability to foresee potential issues before they arise and her willingness to find creative solutions.”

To connect with Waterworks Spas and Saunas and indulge your senses in maximum relaxation, visit the business website, Facebook, or call the team at (907) 563-3848!