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Warehouse 49


Warehouse 49: Alaska’s Nerdy Nightlife

Tristan Bellotti took his love of gaming and desire to create a safe space for people to socialize and game together and launched his own business this year. 

Working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) on the logistics, Warehouse 49 is home to 16 gaming computers, a gaming-centric network; it prioritizes gaming traffic over web traffic, and space to host a group for game night. In working with the Alaska SBDC Tristan explained, “The SBDC and my advisor have acted as a knowledge expert about business and is someone I can reach out to when I have questions or need something explained further.”

While the Alaska SBDC helped with the business side of things, Tristan is the expert on gaming. Operating with a trade-in program for gaming systems, Warehouse 49 has a growing inventory for those who favor Xbox 360, Wii U, the original Xbox, retro minis and monitors to plug into, you’re invited to play the classics or bring your own. In this spirit, Tristan is creating a space for place gamers of all kinds can connect and up their game. Whether you prefer console, PC, or tabletop, Warehouse 49 has something for everyone. 

It wouldn’t be nightlife if there weren’t events as well. Warehouse 49 is committed to hosting LAN parties, speed dating, cosplay dances, and more. Furthermore, these events often support local charities, emboldening a sense of community.

Need a larger tablespace? Room to theorize? Don’t want to share your screen? Look no further than Warehouse 49, located at 1412 W. 33rd Avenue, just behind La Potato and Anchorage Maker Space. 

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