Alaska Small Business Development Center

Wall Tent Woodworks

Brie Van Dam and Stefan Milkowski are a husband and wife team that have merged their professional experiences with science and building respectively and coupled it with their love of the outdoors. They are committed to finding sustainable ways to meet shelter and energy needs.

Considering the full-cycle impact of what they build, Wall Tent Woodworks sells dry firewood, sheds, and other simple outbuildings using locally sourced, non-toxic materials and the best of old and new techniques, including timber-framing.

Brie and Stefan worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) in Fairbanks on their ideas and through their first year of operations. Fairbanks Center Director and Business Advisor, Russ Talvi reflected, “Wall Tent Woodworks is the quintessential Alaska business providing quality firewood and designing and building beautiful timber-framed sheds and outbuildings. I’ve enjoyed working with Brie and Stefan as they have developed and launched their business model, employing their business to demonstrate and promote sustainability and environmentally conscious resource use and development in our community.”

I’m excited about working with them as they grow their business and deploy their vision of environmentally responsible and sustainable resource use and quality construction as they move into a residential building and beyond.”

On the experience, Brie and Stefan highlighted, “Russ helped us identify the key questions we needed to answer to shape our business, and he offered invaluable encouragement. He was quick to respond to any technical questions we had about starting the business and was always supportive and willing to meet to talk about our approach.”

What is next? Stefan is studying for the residential endorsement for building contractors which will allow Wall Tent Woodworks to do residential construction. In addition to building their customer base and creating meaningful relationships in their community, next year, Brie and Stefan will work towards becoming certified dry wood sellers. 

Connect with Wall Tent Woodworks in Fairbanks at 907-750-5420 and through email.