Alaska Small Business Development Center

V’s Cellar Door

“Love the food. Every single dish is amazing from start to finish.”

“One bite and I am sold!”Venetia Santan of V's Cellar Door in Juneau, Ak.

“Some of the best food I have ever eaten!”

These are just a few of the stellar reviews that can be found on the Facebook page and Yelp review site for V’s Cellar Door, a new addition to the Juneau restaurant scene brought to you by Venietia Santana who also operates V’s Grinders Food Truck.

V’s Cellar Door is a fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisine located in the former Olivia’s de Mexico location. Santana has been working on the idea of V’s Cellar Door for two years. She first approached the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Juneau as she was looking at locations for the restaurant. Ian Grant worked with Santana and her investors in the Profit Cents tool, using it to evaluate the startup costs for the business.

Santana and Grant have worked together through the launch of the business into its second year of business on the daily operations and planning it takes to run a profitable restaurant in Juneau. Currently, Santana is working with Grant on examining the financials of the business and restructuring to streamline the costs.

“I can tell you that without the SBDC I would not be open today” says Santana, “14 Months into my business, I am so thankful to have Ian Grant by my side to guide me through the many trials a new business must go through.  New menu items, labor, liquor and food costs all take so much time and know how and Ian helped guide me through the craziness of owning a business in its first year. With his help I have learned how to create new specials, build a menu that is outstanding and he also taught me how to look at my numbers and decipher the code that is called restaurant. He is a great asset to my company and I can’t wait to work with him to build my current business and create a new business for my future”.

V’s Cellar Door is a unique restaurant to the Juneau scene and is always evolving. You can keep up with V’s Cellar Door here, but we recommend going in to experience everything they have to offer in person at their location, 222 Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska.