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VH Hydroponics

Harvest Your Potential with VH Hydroponics

VH Hydroponics (VHH) is a veteran-owned agricultural technology company headquartered in Anchorage dedicated to designing and creating growing systems that utilize hydroponics, the method of growing plants without soil and instead using mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent.  Owners Daniel Perpich, Cameron Willingham, and Linda Janes believe that by using modern technologies and blending with traditional farming techniques that healthy and sustainable food production can be achieved for everyone.

With a mission rooted in the idea that everyone deserves to eat freshly grown food while streamlining access to hydroponic gardening, VHH manufactures sustainable garden and farming systems in the United States through a facility located in Spokane, Washington with a commitment to health, safety, and environmental excellence. Additionally, with commercial farms, VHH has three clients located in Alaska in Dutch Harbor, Dillingham, and Kotzebue as well as smaller indoor gardens at the Anchorage Museum, University of Alaska Anchorage, and several schools in the Anchorage and North Star Borough school districts.

Vertical Hydroponics display at Anchorage Museum.

The owners worked with the Alaska SBDC on making their idea a reality. About her experience she shared, “[the Alaska] SBDC has been a great partner for us from the beginning and continues to provide valuable support to this day. Whether you need help with marketing or would like to discuss the strategic outlook of your company, SBDC has many great advisors that specialize in a variety of business realms. Not only do they tangibly assist with many business needs, but they are also our advocates on a continual basis. They connect us with the right people, they send us notable industry news, they make us aware of events that we should take part in, they invite us to valuable classes and sessions and much more. They also have access to a variety of accumulated US and global data in forms of industry reports. These serve as excellent tools for educating oneself about the market at large, establishing a company outlook and writing a business plan.”

About VHH’s success, business coach Lance Ahern reflected, “there are not many teams willing to take on the challenge of building a new business which will ship a new product filling a forty foot container out to rural Alaska. Dan, Linda, and Cameron have survived the startup roller-coaster and been wildly successful at developing and marketing their Containerized Growing Systems, and have done a great job of sharing their success in front of national audiences.”

To learn more and connect with VH Hydroponics, visit their site at, on Facebook and Twitter, or send them an email!