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Two Friends Quilting

Two Friends Quilting:
Making their Community Sew Happy

After Beverly Thomson and Vicki Keller spent several years of their life traveling across the western United States, they were ready to set-up shop and open their very own quilting store. With numerous questions to ask and research under their belt, they learned that the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) was hosting a Starting a Business workshop that just might help them get started.

We took the class and learned we were actually more prepared than we thought. Julie was very knowledgeable and provided helpful suggestions. At the end of the class session, she offered information about a potential site for our new business; it worked out beautifully and is where we have our shop today.”

Beverly Thomson and Vicki Keller, Two Friends Quilting

Comparably, their Alaska SBDC Business Advisor, Julie Nolen reflected, “I met Vicki & Beverly at an Alaska SBDC workshop they attended at the Wasilla office in June 2017. Close friends, both ladies are school teachers who have a passion for quilting. After attending the workshop, we began working one-on-one to determine the feasibility of their business idea. Vicki and Bev had done quite a bit of research and had a good understanding of the industry. Together, we worked through the business financials to determine the break-even point and set some strategic goals. Coincidentally, I had another client who was in the process of building a retail space in the area that suited Vicki and Bev’s needs. I was able to connect them with that client and they were able to negotiate a lease agreement. I have enjoyed getting to know Vicki and Bev, and look forward to helping them continue to grow Two Friends Quilting.”

Their quilts are traditional with a twist and use familiar patterns with new fabric styles that are perfect for enjoying long winter evenings or delving into a book by a crackling fire. You’ll find too, a selection of materials and classes including beginning sewing, beginning quilting, long arm lessons, and a block of the month.

Two Friends Quilting is located at 4075 South Country Drive, Suite C in Wasilla, AK 99654 next to the new post office and across from Raven Ribs. You can also visit them on Facebook!