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Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc.

Tungsten Global Consulting, Inc.: Providing long-overdue support to African Businesses

Tungsten Global Consulting (TGC) was founded by polyglot intellectual M. Cisse to have both an international and global presence across multiple industries. Subsequently, after the Alaska relocation of CEO, M. Cisse, in 2014 from the East Coast, TGC started looking for assistance in its quest to provide long-overdue international support to African based businesses, especially those who serve the scientific community and desired access to American markets. TGC’s motivation comes from the fact that African scientists, researchers, and business owners have long faced challenges such as a lack of proper and reasonable training, business guidance, scarcity of mentors and labor, lack of technical equipment, and more.  In fact, these issues have always been barriers to many African based nations and businesses accessing American markets. TGC thrives to mitigate these problems  in order to help African businesses develop the confidence to market and expand both services and goods to American companies.  TGC is positioned to assist them with consultative access to the American market through enhanced technologies, specialized knowledge, and the development of a well-trained, multilingual high skilled workforce that is dedicated to global equipment purchasing while facilitating their access to the latest technological advances, even with limited resources.

However, before this full vision could materialize, TGC required the assistance of the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) and more specifically, the expertise of advisor Jade Greene, MBA (who specializes in Global Management) to learn best processes, along with the proper leveraging of resources to enter and expand into various international markets. As further explained by Mr. Cisse, who stated, “I would like to say with 100% confidence that TGC would have not been where we are today without the support and guidance of the Alaska SBDC”. Advisor Jade Greene, MBA helped TGC create a sustainable business plan, fundable financials, access resources and provided referrals to other services and crucial professionals.

These efforts have been successful as TGC is making tangible inroads with consultative and business management services into countries such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Morocco by providing more direct collaborative opportunities to African Businesses.   TGC is also working with overseas partners to recruit students for the University of Alaska Fairbanks while increasing the educational opportunities for seasonal workers especially, and specifically  students and workers in the healthcare field.  M. Cisse further states, “The skies and the markets are ours, but we would not have made it, nor would we be as financially and strategically sound, without the continued expertise of Ms. Greene and the assistance of Alaska SBDC.”

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