Alaska Small Business Development Center

Trax Outdoor Center

Alaskans are among the most adventuresome people in the world. We take pride in our ability to brave the extreme cold, bear sightings and rough terrain to experience the exhilarating beauty our state has to offer. Trax owner, Mike Hajdukovich is no exception. Hajdukovich has always been drawn to the outdoors and learning about how his fellow Alaskans enjoy being active. That’s why he approached the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Fairbanks with his idea to open an outdoor center and cafe.Mike Hajdukovich of Trax Outdoor Center In Fairbanks, Alaska.

Hajdukovich and Talvi met quite a bit both during the planning and execution stages of the business. Talvi used his experience as a hotel/restaurant owner to provide insight on the intricacies of running a business with different types of services and how best to navigate the industry. Together, they hashed out a business plan with realistic projections for both the store and cafe.

“Russ Talvi and the SBDC were the only resource in Fairbanks to really step up and care about following through as our business was developed. He was instrumental in developing our business plan before we presented it to the bank and he was always quick to return all of my phone calls and emails. Russ cares about truly making a difference and runs a first class service for folks dreaming about bringing their new business to reality.”

Trax isn’t and never will be just a store or just a cafe. Trax is the place in Fairbanks that inspires outdoor activity, no matter the temperature or season.    Most importantly, Trax is the place for people who love outdoor activities to share their experiences and  knowledge of quality equipment and gear with other adventurers who become part of the Trax family and community.  To learn more, visit their website at or check out their location at 314 Birch Hill Road in Fairbanks, Alaska.