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Toast of the Town

Toast of the Town:
Leading the Way for Inspired Events

What makes for a successful event? Sure, it takes a pop of appeal, crafting the right environment, and a memorable experience to connect people with one another. However, to measure event success requires some serious strategy and an ability to design the event to accomplish an organization’s goals. It is an art form to which Carrie Shephard and Crystal Swartzlander, the dynamic duo behind Anchorage-based Toast of the Town, devote their innovation and passion.

Carrie and Crystal don’t create incredible events just for the thrill of it – their plans are an exercise in experiential marketing that aims to develop a business and build valuable relationships. 

They put strategy first, specially tailoring their services to each individual client so that the final product is both entertaining and effective. Toast of the Town’s guidance, organization, and data insights have resulted in a thriving business with a strong reputation as a leader in events marketing. Their happy clients range from nonprofits to Native corporations to the State of Alaska itself.

Crystal and Carrie worked with the Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) in Anchorage to work on their growing business. 

Their business advisor, Lance Ahern, reflects, “I was not at all surprised when Toast of the Town won a major state contract. They bring total professionalism to everything they do, it is a pleasure watching them grow as their business advisor.”

On their experience with their Alaska SBDC business advisor, they shared, “thank you for the incredible value you bring to our business as an advisor.  In particular, after each meeting, I feel so much more confident that I better understand our options as we build our biz.”Truly, these Anchorage-based professionals have taken the events scene by strategic storm with their vision, innovation, and downright passion for memorable events.

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