Alaska Small Business Development Center

Thrive Veterinary Surgical Services, LLC

Providing improved access to advanced small animal surgical services in Alaska

After practicing small animal surgery on the west coast, Dr. Vanessa Serratore moved to Alaska at the end of 2018 to join the largest veterinary care team in the Matsu Valley. There she had the opportunity to build a surgery department and get to know the pet owners of Alaska. Dr. Serratore has since fallen in love with the state’s landscapes, people and pets.

Dr. Serratore obtained advanced training and then started to envision a way to broaden the reach of her expertise in order to give every dog and cat, pet owner, and veterinary clinic in Alaska improved access to advanced small animal surgical services.  Dr. Serratore also strives to promote personal wellness amongst veterinary professionals to improve human health, thus advancing the profession as a whole, to better meet the needs of the community.

In 2021 Dr. Vanessa Serratore reached out to the Alaska Small Business Development Center and worked with Mat-su Business Advisor Trisha Sims for guidance on a business plan, financials, and ultimately capital infusion assistance.  Thrive Veterinary Surgical Services was then opened in the spring of 2022, offering consultations and orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurologic procedures on dogs and cats.


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