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Three Wolves Den

Three Wolves Den: Home Away from Home

The impact of the coronavirus has been felt on every level across the state this year. Coupled with facing business development challenges due to the rurality of the community of Hoonah located on Chichagof Island, Jacqueline, “Jackie” Dick remained committed to seeing her business dreams through.

Working towards her goals with the Alaska SBDC since 2018 and utilizing no cost and low-cost small business workshops, Dick persevered and further immersed herself in developing a business plan, marketing and management strategies, and financial projections with her business advisor and Alaska SBDC Juneau Center Director, Ian Grant despite every obstacle, a global pandemic included, that stood in her way, 

When the Alaska SBDC Rural Outreach program was launched, Dick was one the first who recognized the demand locally and worked to help make the program possible by gathering signatures required by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to move the program forward for Hoonah. 

These efforts coupled with Dick’s perseverance led her to open the doors to Three Wolves Den, a home rental located in one of Alaska’s hidden gems in Southeast Alaska. From coordinating bank representatives to review the site, appraisers and contractors traveling to Hoonah, and managing materials amongst ferry shutdowns, it has been a challenging entrepreneurial journey and one that Dick is incredibly excited about. 

Outside of being a savvy businesswoman, Dick is a key member of the Hoonah Economic Development Council, a community leader, and serves proudly as a mainstay of support for growing a vibrant community in the community of Hoonah. 

It has been a delight working to help Dick achieve her goal of running a successful home away from home, with Three Wolves Den. 

Three Wolves Den is located at 116 Eagle Drive, Hoonah, AK, 99829. Connect with Jackie Dick at (907) 945-3577 and via email to schedule your stay!