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The Barista Cats

Caffeinating Fairbanks: The Barista Cats

-April 18, 2016Barista Cats-web02IMG_7347 The Barista Cats in Fairbanks, Alaska is a drive-through coffeehouse serving Kaladi Brothers Coffee and on-the-go foods. Owned by Shelby Case, the coffeehouse has become a staple in the morning routine of countless commuters and a go-to for anyone needing an afternoon pick-me-up.

Shelby and her partner came to the Fairbanks SBDC early in 2014 originally with the idea to open a boutique with an in-house coffee shop. After working with Fairbanks Director, Russ Talvi, on the business plan they decided to refocus on a leaner startup in the form of a coffee hut. Talvi worked with them as they revamped their business plan and secured a location and funding. Later, Russ assisted Shelby in fully understanding the operations of a solo venture when her partner decided to move out of Fairbanks and sell back her portion of the business.

“Russ Talvi and the Alaska SBDC helped our company by providing business knowledge and understanding to start-up our business. Russ being a small business owner himself can relate and has helped guide us in the right direction of budgeting and how to be profitable,” said Shelby Case-April 18, 2016Barista Cats-web08IMG_7361

Although running a business is no easy feat for anyone, it is particularly remarkable that Shelby has been so successful at such a young age. She continues to work with Russ on the financials for the coffeehouse and checks in whenever she has questions about changes in the Fairbanks small business landscape.

Follow The Barista Cats on Facebook to learn more about the business and be the first to know about deals and discounts! You can also visit them in person and try out some of their caffeinated concoctions at 1780 Peger Road in Fairbanks, Alaska.