Alaska Small Business Development Center

Terra Bella Organic Coffee

It’s an ambiance that’s rare to find: two glowing fireplaces, walls painted in the rich warm colors of fall displaying colorful artwork, and the aroma of fresh organic coffees and savory soups wafting through the air. Welcome to Terra Bella, South Anchorage’s wonderfully inviting coffee, pastry, and lunch bistro. Everything about Terra Bella reflects the level of detail and attention to customer satisfaction that owners Linda and Richard Vollertsen committed to nearly ten years ago when they first opened Terra Bella.Terra Bella

The Vollerstens began working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center 16 years ago, attending workshops and networking events throughout the years. They eventually opened a popular drive in coffee kiosk in midtown, serving organic, fair trade coffee. Once that was up and running, Terra Bella opened their full service sit-down restaurant in South Anchorage.

After many years of business success, and looking to grow the business again, the Vollertsens returned to the SBDC in 2014 to work with Business Advisor Kimberlee Hayward. Hayward brought in a team of SBDC Business Advisors from Juneau and Fairbanks, both of whom have deep expertise in the restaurant industry. The team has been working with Terra Bella on everything from driving efficiencies to marketing and a new website. As a results, Terra Bella’s customers can expect to see some exciting new things in 2015!

“It has been a great experience working with the SBDC,” said Linda. “The employees have been very approachable and knowledgeable in their fields. From analyzing data to helping with industry standards, from target markets to marketing and putting processes in place to the on-going support, the people at SBDC have been the missing piece I needed.  They have been instrumental in helping me line out and set goals, as well as getting me the right people to help me reach these goals. Knowing there is another ‘set of eyes’ looking at Terra Bella with years of experience behind them, as well as enthusiasm for our success has been invaluable”.
With offerings such as organic coffee and teas, to Anchorage’s largest selections of delicious gluten free and vegan fare, along with their hearty breakfast and lunch served all day, Terra Bella truly a comfortable, and memorable experience. Visit Terra Bella at 601 E Dimond Blvd (next to Bed, Bath, and Beyond) or at their coffee kiosk off Benson at C street.