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Studio J’adore Permanent Cosmetica

Operating as one of the only permanent cosmetic tattoo artists in the city of Fairbanks, Studio J’adore Permanent Cosmetica provides microblading and semi-permanent lip coloring and eye-lining services by hand to enhance a client’s natural beauty. 

Owner and beauty guru Jamie Milles always wanted to own her own business; the idea of creating her schedule and doing what she loved every day as her career was a strong incentive to do the work necessary to make her dream her reality. In opening the doors to Studio J’adore Permanent Cosmetica, Jamie has learned to continually give each day her best and her clients 100% of her attention and effort. About realizing her dream she shared, “My business is just at the beginning of its journey and to finally be able to open my doors and service clients has been an incredible experience, especially after all of my hard work and training to get where I am today.”

Small business ownership is challenging, rigorous and, at the same time, empowering and fulfilling. By meeting a local need within her community Jamie shared a key takeaway of what she enjoys most about her work, “This industry is amazing because it allows clients to gain confidence and feel naturally beautiful in their skin – as they should!” 

Providing beauty services isn’t just about running a successful small business and enjoying each day for Jamie, it is about connecting with the people in her community as she explained further, “My favorite aspect of being a small business owner is that through my business, I get to meet so many amazing people here in Alaska. It’s amazing to be able to service them and then to see them in the grocery store three weeks later and catch up! It allows me to feel a true sense of community and grants me the ability to participate in it!”

A focus on people is the heart of small business ownership for many and in reflecting on what she would share with her past self  – or entrepreneurs just getting started – she reflected, “I would tell myself to not take everything to heart and to allow negative comments roll off my back and keep focusing on the positive aspects of my business.

Words full of heart from a new small business owner helping make people look and feel naturally beautiful. Jamie has recently moved Studio J’adore Permanent Cosmetica to a new salon located inside of Vivid Beauty on 1200 Noble Street. Connect with her to pamper yourself or those you care about on Facebook, Instagram, and at