Alaska Small Business Development Center

Sipping Streams Tea Company

Jenny Tse established Sipping Streams Tea Company 8 years ago with a mission to bring together a diverse community over premium specialty teas. Her teas are steeped at the perfect temperature with unique combinations of ingredients for an exact amount of time – a method that has been proven by the 10 international awards she has received for her craft.Jenny Tse of Sippng Streams Tea Company in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Sipping Streams has grown quickly since Tse first visited the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Fairbanks in 2007 to work on her business plan for her storefront. Tse learned the ins and outs of owning a shop and manufacturing her teas in Fairbanks while shipping product throughout the state and the Lower 48. In 2014, she returned to work with Business Advisor Alexis Amstutz Fanelli on updating her business plan and launching a Kickstarter funding campaign.

“The SBDC in Fairbanks helped me reevaluate my business and its progress by analyzing my finances and its avenues of sales and demographics,” said Tse. “They also helped me update my business plan so I can see what steps I should take in moving my business to the next level.”

Sipping Streams has not only become a popular meeting place in Fairbanks but they have also seen a steady increase in demand for their specialty teas throughout the Northwest. If you are in the Fairbanks area, visit them at 3535 College Road. Learn more about their unique blends at their website and follow them on Facebook for the latest updates!