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Salmon Sisters

Salmon Sisters: Keepin’ it Wild

Authenticity, habitat, and uniqueness found only in Alaska lie at the heart of Salmon Sisters’ products, partnerships, and mission. By now, you’ve likely heard the story of sisters and fishermen, Emma and Claire, their passion for the sea, and the impact their company has on Alaska and beyond.

More than words

Each decision and intentional action reinforces Salmon Sisters’ commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. In celebrating and sharing the wildest parts of Alaska, the company strives to connect seafood to consumers, designs, clothing, products, and community. Additionally, Salmon Sisters focuses on celebrating culture and partnering with responsible fisheries and organizations working to protect Alaska’s marine ecosystems allows them to give back to the ocean that gives so much to them while helping ensure healthy life cycles for future generations to come. 

Business during a pandemic

No stranger to federal disasters having recently navigated setbacks from the 2019 Swan Lake Fire, this year presented entirely new challenges. With the wave of uncertainty, confusion, and hard decisions that came with the coronavirus pandemic, Emma and Claire leaned into what they do best: Digging in and refocusing their efforts with everything stacked against them. Finding themselves having to make difficult business decisions as unique as the work that they do, Salmon Sisters remained focused, proactive, and motivated working with the Alaska SBDC on the details to bring their vision and decisions together. 

Reflecting on their work with the Alaska SBDC they generously shared, “We’re so grateful for the guidance SBDC has offered our small business as we’ve navigated growth in the past few years. We’ve had Cliff review our financials regularly to help us see where we’re meeting industry standards, where we can cut back and improve our systems for long-term success. It’s reassuring to have someone outside our small team pointing out opportunities where we could still grow and improve, and encouraging us and saying ‘you’re doing good! Your hard work is paying off! SBDC also helped point us towards opportunities for loans that our business was eligible for and is a good sounding board for questions on financial strategy and planning decisions. We’re so grateful for the SBDC team and the resources they offer to our state’s small business community.”

In turn, Kenai Peninsula Center Director and Business Advisor, Cliff Cochran shared about their dedication, “It’s been a privilege to work with Emma and Claire on their truly iconic Alaskan business. Their products are fantastic and it’s not every day I get to work with such a strong brand. I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve navigated through two federally-declared disasters, in less than a year, and have become even stronger throughout the process. The Salmon Sisters have become one of my favorite clients to work with and I’m ecstatic, as a fan, to have played a small part in their success.”

Keepin’ it Wild

From their 2018 Microsoft SurfacePro commercial and their Salmon Sisters lines with XTRATUF, Grundens, and Rep Your Water to their online store and cookbook, Salmon Sisters is a strong example of adaptability and tenacity rooted in hard work, creativity, and values. 

Enjoy the lifestyle brand for yourself or share a taste of Alaska through good, real, and wild seafood. Visit the Salmon Sisters online store at or connect on Facebook and Instagram.