Alaska Small Business Development Center

Rosie’s Delivery

Rosie’s Delivery: Global Logistics Transportation Made Easy

Rosie’s Delivery is Alaska’s premier custom freight and courier service and has been family owned and operated since 1971. The business evolved from the base daily-scheduled courier and freight services in Anchorage and the Matsu Valley, to full-service logistics throughout Alaska, the lower 48, North America and globally.  The tradition, respect, and clientele earned over the decades brought Suzanne Fairbanks to the Alaska Small Business Development Center to continue to grow this classic local business.

Fairbanks shared, “in looking for ways to expand Rosie’s Delivery, we sought funding, government contracting and technical assistance. Our efforts to find resources in each of these areas came to a central point with SBDC.  Within a few days of registering, our company was assigned an advisor. Our advisor is Lance Ahern. He has spent numerous hours guiding, organizing, advising, and sharing his personal experience with our team. Lance is invested with us and committed to helping us help ourselves through growing strategies and pains.”

Bringing on more staff and scaling up can be daunting and is where small businesses struggle.  With the SBDC and Lance, we are confident we can work through our challenges with organization and expertise. The SBDC provides the resources needed to help keep small business alive and well.

Invested in the success, Lance Ahern remarked, “working with Rosie’s Delivery, an iconic Alaskan family business, has been a blessing. Three generations strong, Rosie’s is actively working to transform the business to succeed in the next generation of technology-driven competitors. Their willingness to let outsiders into the family tent, and collaborate openly with the SBDC team, has been as rewarding for me as I hope it has been for Rosie and her wonderful family.”

Rosie’s Delivery team is personal and devoted to excellent service for all global logistics needs. To connect with Rosie’s team, visit them online,  or call their customer service line at 907-345-4980 or sales at 907-830-7998.