Alaska Small Business Development Center

The Roaming Root Market, LLC

Connecting to local goodness year-round

Picture it: a day just like every other until it isn’t. One moment you are living life, full of ideas and looking for that next sign, the next step when you spot a large, welcoming, bright blue bus. Not only is it a beacon of hope but one that is for sale. The bright door swings open and just a few steps into the entry showcases a blank slate, an opportunity, an adventure. 

This was the case for Erica Moeller, now owner and operator of The Roaming Root, a local food-market on 1976 wheels serving to bridge the connection between producer and consumer year-round in a financially responsible, economically sustainable, and accessible way.

This isn’t the food truck you’re used to either; Alaskan-grown produce, and favorite made-in-Alaska small businesses will soon line the shelves and fill the refrigerators for the Fairbanks community.

With a passion for agriculture and nearly a decade of farming and logistics under her belt, Erica’s goal is to grow The Roaming Root Market into an aggregation and distribution company that would allow local farmers to sell their produce and products throughout the year. In turn, businesses, restaurants, organizations, and local-foodies alike would enjoy their favorite fresh produce during the cold winter months.

In addition to highlighting the local businesses The Roaming Root Market partners with, Erica is committed to fostering a more connected and eco-friendly approach to shopping and in doing so will give 1% of all sales to a different environmental conservation and food security and agriculture organization each quarter.  

Consumers will be able to find The Roaming Root Market around Fairbanks beginning March 6, 2020. In the meantime, stay in-the-know for locations and updates at and on Facebook and Instagram!