Alaska Small Business Development Center

Refuge CrossFit

More Than Just Another Gym


Refuge CrossFit has been a successful Palmer group fitness business since 2018 that has strived to draw a positive fitness community, “We know that better people, by default, make better athletes”.

Refuge CrossFit, photo by Cook Inlet
Cory & Emily Hubbard, Owners of Refuge CrossFit, photo by Cook Inlet Housing

In early 2023, Cory and Emily Hubbard heard that the founders and owners of Refuge CrossFit were moving out-of-state. Intrigued by the opportunity, they spontaneously reached out to discuss the future of the gym. With their deep-rooted enthusiasm for health and wellness, the Hubbards seamlessly integrated into the Refuge community.


Having dedicated several years to CrossFit, they relished in empowering individuals to surpass their aspirations and enhance their well-being. Witnessing the transformative impact of a supportive community led by skilled coaches, they realized its potential as a powerful “catalyst for change.”

When it came to making the purchase happen, Emily initially sought advice from the Alaska Small Business Development Center and worked with Trisha Sims, Mat-Su Center Director and Business Advisor. Emily and Trisha met several times to navigate a list of items essential to pursuing a loan and buying the business as quickly as possible.

Trisha was able to provide business plan assistance, industry-specific data that related to CrossFit gyms, and financial projection guidance that were appropriate to the industry. This preparation helped the process move along quickly when it came time to connect to lenders.

Refuge CrossFit, photo by Cook Inlet
Refuge CrossFit, photo by Cook Inlet Housing

Emily shared “Our business advisor, Trisha, was critical in helping us get this idea off the ground. She helped us understand the critical steps we needed to take during each step in the process. She connected us with local lenders, one of whom ultimately funded our business! She provided valuable reviews of our business plan and financial models.”

The Hubbards are no strangers to the evolving and growing fitness industry and are excited for the future. The needs of fitness club members extend beyond simply having access to equipment. Current members at Refuge desire a personalized, high-value experience with professional coaches that deliver results.

Refuge CrossFit, photo taken by Cook Inlet
Refuge CrossFit, photo taken by Cook Inlet Housing

With this in mind, the Hubbards plan to expand the Refuge CrossFit suite of services to best serve their clients, whether new or experienced, such as personalized fitness and nutrition.

“We want to help spark a revolution of fitness and wholeness in your life that you just can’t help but share with the world around you!”

Refuge CrossFit is located at 1633 S. Industrial Way, Palmer, AK 99645. If you are interested in learning more about Refuge CrossFit and how it is more than just another gym, check out their website at or connect on Facebook and Instagram.