Alaska Small Business Development Center

Rainbird Media

This Ketchikan Business is Capturing the Stories and Spirit of the City

Born and raised in Ketchikan with significant small business experience under his belt, Jacob Hasty and his co-owner Tyler Dexter, took their complementary interests, experiences,  and talents in photography and video production to successfully launch Rainbird Media, a business focused on providing excellent service through film and web service needs.  

Based in Ketchikan, the duo are hard at work helping the community tell their individual stories through portraits, events, and marketing materials, and they are just getting started. With specialties such as transferring VHS to DVD and utilizing Professional 360 Photography, they bring an element of delight to their craft that ensures they can provide exceptional service to any client.

Working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Ketchikan, Jacob and Tyler rolled up their sleeves and dove into creating their business from the ground up. Working with their advisor, Kimberlee Hayward, they tightened up their business plan and financials; key pieces to a successful launch and crucial for the ongoing maintenance of their business. With their pride in professional and attentive service, it is no surprise they have fast-tracked their business for a successful launch.

The SBDC has helped answer so many questions, it’s daunting to consider starting and maintaining a business without them. Every meeting, email, and phone call with Kim provided Rainbird Media with useful business insights. Whenever a new business challenge arises, we take comfort in knowing the SBDC is available to help.”

Keep up with Rainbird Media’s latest innovative projects in the heart of Ketchikan on their website. You won’t want to miss what they’re up to next!