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With newly opened doors and a welcoming environment, Puffin Chiropractic is proudly serving the Kenai Peninsula. Dr. Adam Hawkins and Dr. Jennifer Reed met in their Doctoral program in Texas, which led them to pursue an adventure in Alaska by opening their own clinic.

Puffin Chiropractic prides themselves on their integrity to provide specific treatment plans for individual patient needs while providing at-home exercises to support their wellness journey. Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Reed bring not only their educational backgrounds to their business but also their clinical experience with collegiate athletes and patients with substance abuse, which has allowed them to launch a well-rounded and welcoming clinic. Coupled with their personal community volunteer experience, they are actively giving back, sharing their passions, and ensuring that every patient is able to return to their regular activities efficiently and comfortably.  

Dr. Adam Hawkins and Dr. Jennifer Reed

Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Reed worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Soldotna to open their doors successfully and about their experience shared, “Cliff was eager to meet with us, he scheduled an appointment for a face-to-face discussion on how our new small business could maximize its potential in the community. He suggested excellent resources to network with and had ideas of how to increase our web and internet presence. On top of his kind and friendly disposition, he also provided us with a details list of other healthcare professionals to reach out with and grow business connections.”

In working with the enterprising pair, Alaska SBDC Soldotna Center Director, Cliff Cochran echoed, “I’ve been impressed by Jennifer and Adam’s determination and hard work as they’ve launched Puffin Chiropractic in Kenai.  Their vast knowledge and experiences, both professionally and personally, has shaped their business into one of the most robust of its kind on the Peninsula. They’ve quickly become active members of our community and I look forward to watching them grow in the years to come.”

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