Alaska Small Business Development Center

North Iron Engineering

North Iron Engineering is proud to announce the opening of Alaska’s only commercial metallurgical engineering test laboratory. Metallurgical analysis can be applied to welding engineering, corrosion engineering, metals forming, casting and root cause failure analysis. If it can be heated, beaten, folded, welded, corroded, or fractured North Iron Engineering can help.

Historically these metallurgical services were handled by out of state engineers and laboratories based in Texas and Ohio. Alaska’s unique blend of harsh weather, aging infrastructure, and delicate ecosystems creates an environment where failure is not an option. By performing these services in Alaska, jobs are created for technicians and engineers graduating from the University of Alaska system.

Owner Joseph Shepherd worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) on financial modeling, business planning, and business structure to launch North Iron Engineering. When asked what drove him to start his own business he shared, “I am very passionate about metallurgy and root cause failure analysis. When I moved back to Alaska four years ago, I realized that metallurgical service offerings in Alaska were very limited. I learned that if I wanted to continue working and progressing in my field, I would need to start my lab in Alaska.”

To learn more and connect with North Iron Engineering call (907) 229-9484