Alaska Small Business Development Center

Nomad Shelter

Jessica & Lee Tenhoff, owners of Nomad Shelter in Homer, AK, have been working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Homer for over 14 years. They met with AKSBDC  for the first time about two years into the launch of their business. The Tenhoffs had lived and worked off the grid in Alaskan Yurts since 1987 and saw that they could bring value to their community by selling and renting Alaskan Tough Yurts. Their clients range from international sales to local clients in places like Whitehorse, Alaska (where temperatures range from 70 degrees to -18) who live in their Yurts year-round.

Nomad Shelter designed their product based on the traditional Asian steppe nomadic herding people’s Ger. Through research and unique materials, the Tenhoffs were able to increase their Yurt quality so they could stand up to the extreme weather Alaskans experience. Yurt and Owner

Throughout the years, AKSBDC Business Advisor Bryan Zak has worked with the Tenhoffs on many aspects of running their business. Together, they have completed and revised the business plan and financial projections that assisted the Tenhoffs in financing their business and it’s growth.

“Every time we have had a major decision to make in the last 15 years we have consulted first with the AKSBDC. We have grown our business slowly but steadily over this time. We have had every plan and financial projection for every growth step first edited by the counselor there. Bryan Zak has been a huge help that way. He’s provided templates and training that are valuable and definitely unaffordable privately for the start up” said Jessica Tenhoff.

yurt skelaton
Nomad Shelter began as a cash and carry business of two and has grown into a 14 person, 4 shop operation whose Yurts are now located across the United States and internationally. If you are interested in learning more, visit their website at or give them a call at 907-235-0132.