Alaska Small Business Development Center

Nilda’s Party Creations

Nilda Veras walked into the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Anchorage with the dream of putting her baking expertise to work by opening her own shop. For several years she had been making cakes and confections for her family and friends and enjoyed the smiles and positive reactions she would receive time after time. Her family encouraged her to turn her passion into a business and she was now ready to learn what that would entail.  Owners

Over the next several years SBDC’s Isaac Vanderburg assisted Nilda in hashing out her business plan and provided her with market research that helped her identify her bakery’s niche for herself and her potential funders. They met regularly as Nilda worked on tasks that would bring her closer to opening day. After launching her business, Nilda’s Party Creations, Nilda continued to work with the SBDC and Business Advisor Lynn Klassert to make sure it remained financially healthy.

“The way SBDC helps is like a sounding board, they provide an important guide to business foundations and insightful feedback to your questions. SBDC truly cares and wants to see you succeed ” said Nilda, “I always recommend SBDC to other people. They not only have taught me good business practices but have also become part of my family. When you have passionate people help you build your business, you prosper“.

FoodNilda worked with the SBDC as she moved through the business lifecycle from thinking about her business idea to launching it and now is continuing her work with the SBDC as Nilda’s Party Creations continues to grow in it’s second year. Nilda’s Party Creation prides itself on preparing all of their products- cakes, fillings, sweets and all- from scratch using the freshest ingredients. They specialize in Latin-American desserts and Festive One-of-a-Kind Cake Creations and work with their clients to provide them a unique creation for their special occasion. You can visit Nilda’s Party Creations Tuesday through Sunday at 4240 Old Seward Highway #21 and check out their menu, past creations and check out their special events on their website or Facebook page.