Alaska Small Business Development Center

Miriam Wagoner

This new businesswoman
is taking her creativity to the next level

Once in awhile, you hear about a story that makes an impact in your day, and Miriam Wagoner’s is one that does just that. As a writer in Southeast Alaska, she has authored numerous popular poems while living in Kassei, a transitional housing program that aids women in emergency situations in Juneau. Additionally, with English serving as her second language, Miriam’s goal as a writer is to share a  positive message through her work that anything can be achieved and adversities can become a success.  Her work with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has helped her achieve just that.

Miriam began working with her advisor, Bryan Zak located in Homer, on general business concerns and copyright business licensing in order to make her vision a reality. By sharing her ideas, opinions, and concerns, Miriam became comfortable with elevating her writing talent and becoming a publisher and businesswoman. The future is bright for this entrepreneur and talented writer and SBDC is proud to have been a part of the journey.

What I noticed the most is he’s very kind
He listened with compassion
While lending a hand
Thank you, SBDC for Bryan
And for all that you do in Alaska.