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Loco Mama’s Tamales and Catering

Taking Palmer by Tasty Storm:
Loco Mama’s Tamales and Catering

Brenda Schurman is a businesswoman to be admired. With vision and determination, she has worked with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Mat-Su on growing her small business and in this time, has grown as a successful business owner in a competitive industry.

Her business advisor, Julie Nolen, shared, “Brenda has been a client for about 3 years, we started working together shortly after she started her business. Brenda has learned a lot of lessons over the past few years; from learning how to co-exist in a shared kitchen environment, to developing niche markets to figuring out what sectors of her business are most profitable. I have been here to help Brenda work through most of these challenges.  Brenda is extremely creative and customer service oriented. It has been a lot of fun to watch Loco Mama’s Tamales and Catering grow their business.”

One of the first things I did when I decided to try running my own business was to contact SBDC.  Meeting Julie Nolen at the SBDC Wasilla office turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. Julie has been there with our business from day one, helping us with marketing ideas, how to use social media, webpage design and much more.  The encouragement Julie provided along with all the tangible assistance has played a huge role in helping Loco Mama’s to continue to grow and expand. I would suggest anyone who is thinking about opening a business first seek out the SBD office in their area. I can promise the help provided will be invaluable!

Proudly serving the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage, Loco Mama’s specializes in Tex-Mex and Southern-style cuisine that includes fresh and homemade tamales. With the goal to make your life a little less crazy, they cater to your needs and taste buds spicing up your day with a friendly experience and fresh meal.

Keep up with Brenda and her team on the Loco Mama’s Tamales and Catering Facebook page!