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Levinology Labs, LLC

Levinology Labs, LLC

Levinology Labs is closing out its third year strong and with continuous growth. When owner Jeff Levin opened in 2015, Levinology Labs provided a full range of consulting services ranging from systems administration and networking to web development.

With a culture embedded in continuous improvement, the team at Levinology Labs takes great pride in their intentional methodology and work ethic as they reflect on what works and what does not for each individual project. Not one to slow down, 2016 and 2017 saw Levin continue to expand his business by providing specialization in web development with an emphasis in wholesale to advertising agencies and taking on large-scale projects with surrounding nonprofits.

Levinology Labs encompasses a mindset rooted in progression and it comes as no surprise that this year, it expanded into growing industry product development. By breaking down each project for clients and prioritizing effectively, Levin and his team have been able to gradually and sufficiently invest in developing products leading into 2019 and are focused on pivoting into a technology development company from a contract firm.

Levin began working with the Alaska Small Business Development Center (Alaska SBDC) in Anchorage to work on his business expansion. On his successful journey, he shared, “The SDBC has helped guide me in making financial decisions and shaping the direction of my company by providing insights into the funding process and considerations for overall financial strategy.”

Proud of Levin’s success, his Business Advisor Lance Ahern gushed, “Levinology Labs has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality web applications. It has been a joy to work with Jeff as his vision has expanded and he has become a leader in the statewide software community.”

Levinology Labs builds tools to support business, provide business intelligence, and help users achieve their goals. Connect with Levin and his team at and 907-748-5689.