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Let’s Call Lindsay

Need to Streamline Your Day? Let’s Call Lindsay!

For small business owners with a growing to-do list or mounting paperwork, prioritizing and tackling those never-ending administrative tasks can seem daunting. That is where Let’s Call Lindsay comes in, to offload the to-do list items that distract a small business owner from what they’re passionate about: running their business.

With more than 25 years in the administration field and a background in the construction industry, owner Lindsay Johnson handles social media postings and web presence, email correspondence, construction submittals, and more; saving her clients time and money while helping increase their productivity.

Lindsay worked with the Alaska Small Business Development Center in Fairbanks on her business venture. Her business advisor, Russell Talvi described her determination:

Lindsay is an entrepreneur at heart and it wasn’t a question of if she would start her own business, but what the business would be and when she would launch. Lindsay and I first met in August 2017 when she wanted to purchase a distressed small local hotel and renovate it into a boutique hotel. I worked with Lindsay on her business plan and financial projections for the project. This feasibility analysis showed Lindsay that this project was going to be sustainable only if the price and terms were right. Ultimately, Lindsay decided not to pursue that project and learned what it really takes to (either launch a small business or become a small business owner) in the process. In late 2018 Lindsay decided to launch her own administrative and bookkeeping support business and Let’s Call Lindsay was launched. She now provides support to other small businesses that need her particular skill set.”

It is this entrepreneurial spirit and attention to detail that has helped launch Lindsay to success! Call Lindsay at (907) 378-1355 or connect at or on Facebook.