Alaska Small Business Development Center


LEAP is not your typical small business. With a background in social work, owner Lisa Hay opened her practice as a way to assist individuals in her community who need guidance in anger management. Her classes and therapy sessions work to assist those who are seeking alternative ways to express themselves and prevent any further hurt to their friends and loved ones.

Hay’s motto has always been to put her heart before her head in many aspects of running the business and that has served her well in an industry that requires a large amount of care and compassion. She utilized the Small Business Development Center both at the start of her business and now 13 years later as a resource to help her manage her business practices and make sure she is able to keep her doors open and maintain the practice which has helped so many. Business Advisor Russ Talvi has been a strong supporter of the business and has helped Hay find ways to tighten financial controls and navigate her relationships with insurance agencies.

“As a clinical social worker, I never learned how to run a business. SBDC taught me how to be not only a business owner, but a successful one. They taught me about financial boundaries, budgets and funding. I learned management skills that I use with my staff to build a team environment and get everyone to work on common goals. Russ has helped me develop a billing structure with boundaries that enables us to be paid for our services rather than having large amounts of accounts receivable. Without SBDC, I don’t think we would have survived.”

Hay continues to utilize Russ’ expertise whenever she has a questions about the business and has began working with our Marketing Specialist on updates to her website.

LEAP has been assisting Fairbanks families and individuals with violence issues for over 14 years. Their staff is well trained in working with both urban and rural Alaskan populations, as well as military personnel. Learn more about the LEAP program by visiting their website.