Alaska Small Business Development Center

Law Office of Mamie S. Brown

Offering the compassion of a small-town practice with the service of a large firm, the Law Office of Mamie S. Brown, LLC’s mission is to provide affordable and quality bundled and unbundled legal services to businesses and individuals across the interior of Alaska. 

Mamie’s inspiration to start her firm came from those around her who encouraged her to pursue her passion and vision for the legal practice. She shared, “once I began the journey of critically assessing how local companies were not being served by the current market, I became inspired to determine why the market was failing these important businesses and how legal services could be drastically improved to meet the needs of local and rural businesses in their communities.”

Motivated to understand a client’s challenges and goals and then put together a package of services to help drive the broader strategy of the business, Mamie focuses on the industry-specific needs rather than the perceived needs of a client from a value-based approach to provide dependable, accessible, and affordable legal services.  By working collaboratively with clients, the firm strives for legal solutions that are simple but not simplistic, scalable but not overbearing, adaptable but with clear guidance, and practical for the industry in which the client operates.


In reflecting on her start-up journey, Mamie kindly said of her advisor’s support, “the Alaska Small Business Development Center remains the best resource for anyone serious about their small business.  Russell Talvi, one of the Alaska SBDC’s most knowledgeable advisors, was able to provide critical mentorship and data to help me refine my strategic vision and goals. I firmly believe that the Alaska SBDC has something important to offer every small business.”

From legal training, legal coaching services, and transactional and litigation services, the Law Office of Mamie S. Brown, LLC strives to maximize the value of services and products provided.

Of Mamie’s success and creative approach, Rusell Talvi expanded, “the Law Office of Mamie Brown offers small business clients the best of both worlds for legal services. Mamie brings a fresh energy, understandable, and proactive approach to legal services. At the same time, her decade of experience practicing utility, real estate, construction law for large companies makes her the attorney you need for your small business. Mamie wants to first understand her client’s business, then help the client meet challenges and mitigate risk, proactively through education and preparation not just bill clients for legal work after an incident or situation occurs.”    

This year, the Law Office of Mamie S. Brown, LLC will be taking on a new initiative by hosting educational opportunities for businesses and individuals through local workshops in Fairbanks. The goal of these workshops is to provide small businesses and individuals within select industries specific skills-based training courses that can help them understand the law, seek timely intervention, and immediately reduce risk.  For your legal needs, connect with the Law Office of Mamie S. Brown, LLC online at, Linkedin, and on Facebook.