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Kenai River Shave Ice

Kenai River Shave Ice: Coolest Treats on the Kenai

The Kenai Peninsula has an excellent new dessert option, with the Settlemyer family launching Kenai River Shave Ice. Whether it’s mouthwatering Hawaiian shave ice with a topping and hand- scooped ice cream on hot days or homemade hot apple cider with caramel whipped cream on chilly days, Kenai River Shave Ice has just what you need to complete your day.

Jesse and Katy Settlemyer came to the Alaska SBDC in early 2022, looking to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit from their childhood and provide small business experience to their children. They worked closely with Kenai Peninsula Center Director Cliff Cochran on a financial projection model and business plan, enabling them to secure financing to purchase a food truck and renovate it in order to create the inviting appearance Kenai River Shave Ice is known for. Katy shared, “I was so thrilled to find the SBDC. Cliff was so knowledgeable and helpful. He answered questions we didn’t even know we had. It is so great to know that there is someone out there with business experience who is excited to help you succeed.”

Reflecting on his work with Kenai River Shave Ice, Cliff added, “It’s been great to work with entrepreneurs like Jesse and Katy, who are not only driven to see their business excel but also to light a spark in the minds of the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is a fantastic experience that their children will never forget, and very well may be the spark that ignites a career in small business.”

Kenai River Shave Ice and the Alaska SBDC received excellent support from Tim Dillon and the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District.  KPEDD was able to provide a microloan, within two weeks of the Settlemyers submitting the application, to finance the renovation project.

Kenai River Shave Ice is open seasonally, June through August, and can be found in the Soldotna area at the Wednesday Market, as well as local parades, festivals, and games.  You can check them out all year round, and plan your next summer dessert, by connecting with them on Facebook.